New products don't just make themselves! Products are born from Ideas (our ideas and your ideas!) then turned into Prototypes, which we then produce as a First Run for a small group of customers. Once we have your feedback a Live version is produced. 

You get to be part of all the action through our blog, where you can see products moving from phase to phase with Your involvement:

  1. You can submit Ideas for new products here!
  2. You can contribute to the development of a Prototype by being a product tester or suggesting new features! Just keep an eye for new product development posts on our blog and contact us if you would like to participate as a product tester.
  3. You can be one of a lucky few to own a First Run product by completing the pre-order form here(In case you're wondering First Run products are not free, but will be offered at a discounted price to registered First Run customers).
  4. And of course you can shop for Live products  in our online store!

Even though we like to track our development in this way, don't forget that regardless what phase a product is in, you can always give feedback and send us your ideas - we never stop improving our products!