Welcome to Atomic Elf

We are a light and interactive art workshop based in Melbourne, Australia.

We design and fabricate a small range of our own designs, create custom order lamps, and also teach how to set up Arduino controlled sensors and lights.

What we do

We want to enable people to interact with the world in fun ways, and we are doing this by creating fun interactive products that stimulate the senses and spark creativity! 

We are inspired by colour, light, and beautifully clever design. 

We use interactive technologies to design lamps for the home, as well as interactive art installations.

Most of our products are Arduino based and include beautiful lights triggered by various sensors such as sound, touch, and light.


We love colour and light and want to bring the elements of large scale light art installations into the home - this is why we create beautiful lamps, so you can have a piece of light art in your home.

Interactive Art Projects

We usually have a few projects on the go - commissions, art installations, and our own products. Check out our Blog to see what's cooking in the workshop!