Safety Light Harness

We have a new product in the works!  A wearable safety light harness!

If you feel uncomfortable walking in the dark you need this! 

It lights your way when you are walking, makes you more visible to passing cars, and has a sensor on the back to alert you if there is someone behind you.

It has three separate light functions:

Function 1:  Glows green when safe, flashed red if someone is behind you.
Function 2:  Bright way - use it as a hands-free torch.
Function 3:  Lights slowly cycle green when safe, lights quickly cycle red when someone is behind you.

The 'danger' perimeter is within 1 metre behind you (approximately), so if anyone s closer than 1 metre to the sensor on your back then the lights turn red. 

It also has plastic loops so that you can attach things to the harness, e.g. a whistle, travel card pouch.

The lights are weatherproof, and the harness is made from nylon strapping that can be separated from the lights and washed if required.

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Front view - manually set the lights to a white colour to use as a hands-free torch.

Front view - Red light alerts you to someone in your 'danger' perimeter.

View our video demonstrating the Safety Light Harness prototype here: 

We have some ideas on how to improve this product:

- A speaker to sound an alert when someone is in your 'danger' perimeter

- A longer range sensor that will allow the 'danger' perimeter to extend to up to 5 metres behind you

- An in between amber status that  tells you when someone is within 2 - 5 metres (but outside of the 1 metre 'danger' perimeter)

- A night vision camera that is activated by the red status

What do you think? Leave a comment with your ideas on new features!